3.25.2017 // The Boardroom // Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Set 1: Blue Shift, Toltec Vision > Gravity Calls, Fire on the Mountain, Southern Snow > Canned Heat > Take Me to the River > Good Intention, From the Grave, Late in the Evening, Fountain


Set 2: Statesboro Blue s> Black Magic Woman > Float > Something We Can Use, Money For Nothing > Fadin’ the Line, Ask Me to Jump, Ego Chatter > No More Time, Breeze
Encore: First Tube

3.24.2017 // South City Tavern // Statesboro, Georgia

Set 1: So Young So Old, Float > Something We Can Use, The Fountain, Sir Martin > Squid Party, Jam > Times Zones, Money For Nothing, Southern Snow > Tall Boy, House of Shutters, Shade, I Know You Rider


Set 2: Giants and Flies, Statesboro Blues, Ego Chatter> No More Time, Debra, Sandboxes> Fadin’ the Line> Sandboxes, Starting to Show¹ > Dayman


Encore: Red Ryder


¹Lee took his shirt off
Notes: Statesboro album release for “Point of Reference”

3.23.2017 // Barrelhouse South // Savannah, Georgia

Set 1: Emily, Point of Reference, Walking in Place, Good Intention, Cannonball > Another Brick in the Wall Part 2., So Young So Old, Sir Martin, Squid Party, Breeze, Jam > Something We Can Use, Time Zones, From the Grave, Careless Whisper


Set 2: Shade > Ego Chatter, Tall Boy > Canned Heat > Take Me to the River, The Fountain, TSMM, Float, Debra, I Know You Rider


Encore: Giants and Flies

Notes: Savannah album release for “Point of Reference”

Nick played entire show without shoes on

3.22.2017 // Georgia Theatre Rooftop // Athens, Georgia

Set 1: Float¹ > Something We Can Use¹, Time Zones¹, Breeze, Starting to Show¹ > Red Ryder, Statesboro Blues¹, Sir Martin¹, Sandboxes > Fadin’ the Line > Sandboxes, Three Weeks¹, Squid Party, Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 2, Ego Chatter¹ > No More Time

Set 2: Fountain, From the Grave², Canned Heat, I Know You Rider¹, Cannonball > Point of Reference, Giants and Flies

¹ with Christian McDaniel on percussion

² with Jones Maynard on percussion
Notes: Album Release Party for “Point of Reference”

3.17.2017 // Tuck’s Tap and Grille // Cullowhee, North Carolina

Set 1: Intro > Giants and Flies, Mask, I Know You Rider, Toltec Vision > Ego Chatter > No More Time, Statesboro Blues, Sir Martin, Careless Whisper, Sandboxes > Fadin’ the Line > Sandboxes, Canned Heat

Set 2: Time Zones¹, Emily,  Fountain, Walking In Place, Starting to Show > Red Ryder, Tall Boy > Don’t Stop > Dayman, From the Grave, I Will Survive, Hands of Time/Enjoy the Tea², Ask Me to Jump


¹ first time played

² first time played, incomplete

3.12.2017 // Tiki Hut // Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Set 1: Tiki Jam, Weird Fishes¹ > Fortunate, Franklin’s Tower > No More Time², Bend Down Low, Fly Like An Eagle, Make it Wit Chu

Set 2: Glory, Tiki Jam Pt. 2 > Point of Reference, From the Grave, Andrew Jam, Sniffle Biscuits, Something We Can Use, Don’t Stop, Turn the Surface³, TSMM, I Don’t Trust Myself With Loving You⁴

Set 3: Giants and Flies >Rescue by Request > Giants and Flies, Blue Sky, Fountain, Southern Snow


¹ instrumental, first time played

² unfinished

³ first time with Chris

⁴ first time played

Notes: Entire show played as 4 piece minus Nick

3.10.2017 // No Name Sports Pub // Sylva, North Carolina

Set 1: Ego chatter > No More Time, Late in the Evening, So Young So Old¹, Starting to Show > Southern Snow, Fly like an Eagle, TSMM, Squid Party, LA Woman, Sir Martin, Money for Nothing

Set 2: Sandboxes, Blue sky, House of Shutters, One Arm Steve, Make it Wit Chu, Point of Reference, Rescue by Request, Giants and Flies, Fadin’ the Line, Ask Me to Jump, Emily, Canned Heat, From the Grave, Fountain, Mask
¹ First time with Chris

2.15.2017 // Preservation Pub // Knoxville, Tennessee

Set 1: Mask > Fountain, Franklin’s Tower > Gravity Calls, Heaven, LA Woman, House of Shutters > Blue Sky, Squid Party, Sandboxes, Canned Heat


Set 2: TSMM, Red Ryder, Good Intention, Tall Boy > Black Magic Woman > Point of Reference, Toltec Vision, Debra, Touch Me I”m Going to Scream Pt. 2 > Ego Chatter, Something We Can Use, Giants and Flies, Fortunate, Don’t Stop > Dayman
Encore: Cannonball